Thursday, 12 June 2014

Social Post Lab Review | Watch Video Social Post Lab Demo

Social Post Lab is a word press plugin which is extremely powerful for facebook users. What it does is enables you to find content, articles, images and then schedule posts to your facebook page as you like.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Social Link Machine Review | Watch Video Social Link Machine Demo

Social Link Machine offers a true set and forget solution to curating your content and building backlinks and social signals for your blogs. Our powerful plugin fully automates this process offering a complete hands off solution to obtaining traffic and increasing your Google rankings

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Scarcity Demon Review | Watch Video About Scarcity Demon Demo

Scarcity Demon uses the power of urgency to convey your sales a huge boost which means that massive profits striking your bank account!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Social SEO Pro Review | Watch Video Social SEO Pro Demo

Social SEO Pro need to succeed with On-Site SEO in the new Social Media powered and Microdata filled SEO world that Google, Bing, and Yandex want.

Monday, 17 March 2014

EpicWin CPA Review

Most people will give you headline swipes with email swipes to copy and paste mindlessly. Instead, what I’m going to do is supply all the headlines in one box, and separately provide the email swipes below.
Go ahead! Have fun, mix and match, choose your favorite headlines, modify them to your liking (you will make more money this way when your emails aren’t identical to everyone else’s and their dogs!) Thanks for your support EpicWin CPA
OH! And there will be more coming soon. These should get you started right though.

 What is EpicWin CPA ?

A very sturdy app, this may assist you realize infectious agent pictures from ANY fan page on-line. whether or not that\'s cats, dogs, guns, flavouring medication, or dental – this app can do a THORUGH search of all fan pages that you simply choose (upto five at a time) and come back back with pictures at intervals your chosen dates and keywords – if applicable.

With EpicWin CPA  you'll then order these results by the amount of likes, comments and shares.

Perfect for people who need to spy on different fan pages and conclude precisely what reasonably pictures are becoming most shares, comments or likes.
Lower price choices comes with restricted functionalities as well as restricted searches – the opposite one comes with unlimited search choices.

About OTO of EpicWin CPA Review

OTO1: Social infectious agent Leads
Lead extraction is all ok – however have you ever ever questioned however you\'ll get super-high conversions and low CPC on ads? Beta testers have used this app to urge the maximum amount as third CTR and zero.07c on outgoing ads. This powerful upgrade permits you to extract IDs of everybody United Nations agency has interacted with a precise image on a Facebook fan page – thus you\'ll not solely target the foremost active people…but you\'ll additionally target them by showing them the precise image they need interacted with.

Perfect for advertisers United Nations agency need additional attention and far higher CPC than what any traditional image or custom audience serves them!
Downsell one could be a less complicated edition of this app – with restricted ID transfer limit (10,000 IDs) per day.

EpicWin CPA  This is one thing that has been within the works for a short while – and one thing that almost all folks can jump in on. we\'ve created a social infectious agent robo-poster app that permits you to automatically/semi-automaticaly schedule image posting on your fan pages – by grabbing extremely infectious agent and share-worthy pictures from different fan pages.

The setup is very intuitive and easily push-button – that permits everything to run inactive once setup
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